An avid lifetime cyclist, former mountain bike and road team cycling coach and team-wrench, Rick brings decades of experience right to your driveway to take care of your cycling repairs with no hassle.
Easy, quick, convenient!
I do all types of bike repairs…just email me or call with questions and for pricing.
Work in your driveway or pick up and drop off available
Pick up and drop off available:
FREE in Corrales, NW Valley and Westside. 
$15 in Albuquerque, NE Heights, Downtown. 
There is a $39 fee for any work on e-bikes or adult tricycles in addition to parts and standard service fees.
Always observing COVID SAFE protocols.
No contact repairs, drop off and pick ups.
Basic safety check and tune up$59

(does not include parts)

Degrease drivetrain and wipe down frame
Lube all components
Inflate and replace tubes, add anti-puncture sealer
Adjust brakes, replace pads if needed
Adjust shifting
Inspect and tighten all bolts
Inspect and lube cables, replace if needed
Adjust seat, pedals, handlebars and headset
Service does not include parts
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Pro Bike Tune Up and Detailing$99

(does not include parts)

Includes everything on the regular tune up
Plus meticulous, complete detailing of your bike so it’s sparkling clean from front to back!
Set up an appointment

There is a $39 minimum charge for all mobile visits.

If you just need a tire tube replaced it’s
$20 for the service + $17 for the tube* + $10 (optional) for sealant (recommended). 
*(standard tubes, does not include 4″ ebike tubes)

SERVICES Service prices do not include parts

Accessory Install$15-20
Bottom Bracket Install$60
Complete bike wash and detailing$59
Pro Bike Tune Up and Detailing$99
Brake Adjust (ea)$15
Brake Pad Install (Canti or Disc) (ea)$20
Cable/Housing Replace (ea)$30
Cable Install$20
Cassette Install$30
Chain – Clean & Lubricate$12
Chain Install$20
Chainring Install$20
Cleat Install (pair)$20
Crankset Install$40
Derailleur Adjust (ea)$30
Front Fork Install$70
Handlebar Tape Install$20
Headset Install$60
Tube Replace$20
Swap out tires$20
Standard inner tube$10
Puncture sealant treated$15
Shifter Install -Road Bike, incl. bar wrap$40
Shifter Install- Mtn Bike (ea)$20
Pedals Install$10
Bike Build from Box$85
Shifter Repair (each)$25


There is a $39 fee for any work on e-bikes or adult tricycles in addition to parts and standard service fees.